João Serralha

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Hello beautiful people! My name is João and I’m your new Tupperware Party Manager. I’m 22yo and I’m from the beautiful country of Portugal. In mid-2016 I adventured myself on the big change of my life – moving to Germany. I moved to the beautiful Hanseatic city of Hamburg after finishing uni. I was seeking an internship abroad, but when to be honest with you, was more searching for another life. I wanted to get to know other cultures, lifestyles, foods, and people.

I am a passionate cooker, baker and everything connected to food and gastronomy. I love to spend time in the kitchen alone by myself preparing whatever pops up in my mind. But desserts, cakes, and bread are my favorites to prepare and eat. :p

I joined Tupperware end 2017 and since I can remember always heard about the brand, either from my mother or grandmother. So starting with Tupperware was somehow expected as this business goes hand in hand with my personal hobbies and spare time activities.