Super Special Sale!

Oh, my stars! You must check this special offer! Don’t underestimate your old, without lid, broken Tupperware bowls. From 5th March until 1st April there is a very special promotion where you can get the Tafelperlen set just for the price of 39,90€.

You only need to book a party, or be a guest of a party, and bring an old Tupperware bowl (from 30 years ago, without lid, destroyed, cracked, whatever problem, the important is that must be Tupperware!). By giving away your old bowl you have a discount of 20€ on the Tafelperlen set which comes with:

  • Tafelperle 3,5L 
  • Tafelperle 450ml (2)
  • Tafelperle 275ml (2) 

And the best – if you book a party during March you will receive for free the Tafelperle 6L. So then you have the full set! How cool is that? Give yourself a gift and renew your old Tupperware bowls 🙂


Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.03.11.png
Tafelperlen set