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Interested in buying some Tupperware products? Why don’t you give a party instead? You will receive lots of FREE products! How great is that?

A Tupperware Party is the original and best way to buy your beloved Tupperware products. I will come to your home and bring with me a “huge” full bag of Tupperware products, gifts and catalogs for everyone, and we can have a fun an interactive meal prep demonstration. You supply the place, the guests, and the drinks/snacks for everyone and I supply everything connected to Tupperware. You will have the chance to see and handle the products, and I will explain and show how they work and what they are for. It’s indeed a very funny and relaxing way to shop while you catch up with friends and family!

There is no minimum (or maximum) number of guests. A good number is around 10-15, but I have done nice parties only with 2, for example. The more guests come to the party, the higher the sales might become. This means more free Tupperware products for you as host.

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You can increase your party sales by taking orders from people who can not come to the party in person. I would love to discuss with you how to maximize your rewards.

Your Tupperware Party can be as traditional or as quirky as you wish: In most of the parties I have been holding, people prefer a funny, comfy and interactive atmosphere. But it is all up to you! You are the host of the party so it’s your rules!

A Tupperware Party also does not have to be in your home: What about an after-work Party at your workplace, or a party in the garden or park?

Interested in it? Contact me and let’s have fun and party together!

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João Serralha

Tupperware Party Manager

0152 – 587 330 64


Payment by EC or Credit card Available